Defensive Firearms Instruction

About Our Wright Security Enterprises™ Partner

Security Training, Firearms Courses, and CHL Classes in Oregon

Defensive Firearms Instruction offers the best Security TrainingFirearms Courses, and Concealed Handgun Classes in Oregon. Defensive Firearms Instruction’s courses and classes are located near Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

Defensive Firearms Instruction offers a comprehensive range of security training courses in Lane County to include: Oregon DPSST Unarmed SecurityOregon DPSST Unarmed RefresherOregon DPSST Armed SecurityOregon DPSST Armed RefresherOC Pepper SprayASP Expandable BatonASP Tactical HandcuffOLCC Alcohol Servers Education (ASE)OLCC Fake ID Verification, and American Heart Association First Aid / CPR / AED.

Defensive Firearms Instruction offers a comprehensive range of firearms training courses as well as concealed carry courses in Eugene and Springfield to include: Oregon CHLUtah CFPArizona CWPFlorida CHLIntroduction to HandgunTactical Handgun 1Tactical Handgun 2Tactical ShotgunTactical CarbinePrivate Range Training, and Demo Shoots.

Defensive Firearms Instruction provides the highest quality security, firearms, and concealed handgun training available in the State of Oregon, which ensures that our students have the greatest chance of success in the future. Don’t miss your shot to get trained by the best instructors during a security training, firearms course, or Oregon CHL class in Eugene, Springfield, and Cottage Grove.

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